Common causes of Turbocharger failure

1. Lack of Lubrication or dirty oil.

2. Foreign Material in Exhaust or Inlet    


3. High Exhaust Temperature.

4. Defective Workmanship or Materials.

Is the problem your turbocharger

Even a good turbo will leak oil given certain circumstances so 

before you condem your turbo check for these problems:

1. Restricted air inlet and restricted exhaust.

2. Restriction in the oil drain away from the turbo.

3. Restriction to the oil drain away from the turbo such as

    crankcase ventilation problems and worn piston rings.



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Three things to check to identify Turbo damage

1. Listen

Leave all the ducting in place. Start the engine... does the sound of the turbo cycle up and down in pitch? Check for an inlet air restriction!  Is it whistling? Look for inlet air or exhaust gas leakage!

2. Look

Shut the engine off. Let the turbo stop turning completely. Take off the inlet and exhaust ducts. Using a flashlight, look for foreign object damage to the wheels. Are there any rub marks on the wheels, housings or turbine shroud? Adjust your light to get a good look at the turbine blade tips. Are any of them bent, chipped or missing? Check inside the wheel housings. Any sign of oil leakage?

3. Feel

Push inward on one of the wheels while you turn it by hand. Do you feel any rubbing or binding? Now try the other wheel. What do you feel? The wheels should turn freely with no scraping or rubbing noises from contacting the housing, backplate or shroud.

If the turbocharger passed all these checks, then it's probably O.K.,and the trouble lies elsewhere in the engine or supporting systems.

When installing a turbo be sure to check all ducting for foreign material, AND DON'T FORGET TO PRE-LUBRICATE THE TURBO BEFORE SRART-UP!


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